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Korean Costume Science

About the Department

The Korean Wave—Dominating the Global Fashion Market

Based on the long history and cultural excellence of Korean costume and Korea’s digital technology, the Department of Korean Costume Science aims to nurture the next generation of specialists in Korean costume studies. Highquality, well-balanced educational content is provided by distinguished scholars in the field of Korean costume and specialists in Korean culture. This department cultivates talented individuals capable of leading Korean costume culture in the 21st century.


Bachelors of Art

Achievable Certificates

National Licenses - Hanbok engineer, Hanbok technician, etc.

Private Licenses - Korean wedding planner, Traditional Costume Reproduction instructor, Traditional craft instructor. Hanbok designer, Hanbok coordinator, royal wedding costume instructor


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  • Introduction to Korean Costume and Culture
  • History of Western Costume
  • Introduction to the History of Korean Costume
  • Sewing and Handicrafts Design (Beginner)
  • Sewing and Handicrafts Design (Advanced)
  • Introduction to Hanbok Composition
  • Clothing and Textile Studies
  • Color Composition Practice
  • History of Asian Costume and Culture
  • Zen Meditation and Korean Sewingand Handicrafts Design
  • Advanced Hanbok Composition(Dangui and Durumagi)
  • Traditional Costume Composition(Wonsam and Danryeong)
  • Introduction to Korean Embroidery
  • Advanced Korean Embroidery
  • Korean Traditional Dyeing
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Philosophy and Culture of Korean Costume
  • Korean Pattern and Textile Design
  • How to Wear Korean Royal Costume
  • Flat Pattern of Western Costume
  • Composition of TraditionalKorean Underclothin(Underwear)
  • Korean Traditional Clothes (Nubi)
  • Portfolio Design
  • Korean Ceremony and Costume Culture
  • Korean Knotting (Maedeup)
  • Analysis and Recreation of ExcavatedClothing (Jeogori)
  • Hanbok Fashion Design
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Graduation Evaluation (Korean Costume)
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