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WDU Departments

  • Dept of Oriental Medicine & Healthcare

    Oriental Medicine & Healthcare

    The Department of Oriental Medicine and Healthcare teaches the theory of traditional oriental medicine in addition to those of modern food and nutritional science... Read More
  • Oriental Medicinal Cosmetics and Arts

    Oriental Medicinal Cosmetics and Arts

    The Department of Oriental Medicinal Cosmetics and Arts was launched firstly in Korea, which provides an education in oriental medicinal cosmetics online....Read More
  • Yoga and Meditation

    Yoga and Meditation

    The Department of Yoga and Meditation aims to impart an understanding of the diverse yoga systems, which have been handed down from ancient times, by... Read More
  • Wellness & Cultural Tourism

    Wellness & Cultural Tourism

    Safe, healthy travel with culture—wellness tourism! With the expansion of a wellbeing culture worldwide, the wellness industry,... Read More
  • Traditional Performing Arts

    Traditional Performing Arts

    The Traditional Performing Arts Department was established to restore the true artistic value of Korean traditional performing arts and pass them down to the next generation...Read More
  • Korean Costume Science

    Korean Costume Science

    The Department of Korean Costume Science was established by combining Korea’s digital technology of the 21st century with Korean costume’s long history of cultural...Read More
  • Tea Culture Management

    Tea Culture Management

    The Department of Tea Culture Business Administration is a new academic field that studies the culture of tea from cultural, industrial, educational and business... Read More
  • Korean Language and Culture

    Korean Language and Culture

    The Department of Korean Language and Culture nurtures education professionals who will spread Korean language and culture to foreigners and overseas Koreans whose native...Read More
  • Oriental Science

    Oriental Science

    The Department of Oriental Studies nurtures experts who can academically organize the Eastern skills culture ( 'Tai Chi ', 'Feng Shui ', 'Fortune Telling', 'Physiognomy'Read More
  • Won-Buddhism


    The Department of Won-Buddhism aims to cultivate future leaders by revitalizing the field of edification and the community, as well as train Won-Buddhist specialists from...Read More
  • Taekwondo & Bodyguarding

    Taekwondo & Bodyguarding

    The Department of Taekwondo & Bodyguarding is arguably the only program offered by a cyber university, integrating Taekwondo with bodyguarding...Read More
  • Social Welfare

    Social Welfare

    The 21st century is the era of welfare. The Department of Social Welfare aims to foster social welfare experts armed with both theoretical and practical knowledge that can...Read More
  • Counseling &  Psychology

    Counseling & Psychology

    With the growing number of psychological issues emerging within society today, interest in human psychology...Read More
  • Speech-Language Pathology

    Speech-Language Pathology

    The Department of Language Pathology educates and fosters speech and language pathologists who assess and treat language and speech disorders. As the number of children...Read More
  • Police Science

    Police Science

    The Department of Police Science aims at educating future-oriented competent and creative professionals who have a strong commitment to the nation and society, as well as... Read More
  • Real Estate Management

    Real Estate Management

    This Department is growing as a scientific and systematic academic area as the globalization of the economy opens real estate markets around the world. A variety of approaches...Read More
  • Physiognomy and Management

    Physiognomy and Management

    Face is an aspect that we cannot ignore in our lives. It does not mean that we focus on whether someone’s face is pretty or not, but it tells who he or she is. The reason that...Read More

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